Introduction to ShawnieSan’s Lifestaurant

Hello there,

Welcome to ShawnieSan’s Lifestaurant !!! This blog will introduce you to my life, and my thought through words, pictures, and videos. There are many things I want to share with everyone, but I thought I should limit myself and focus on a few things I really wanna write about.

In ShawnieSan’s Lifestaurants, I will be serving mainly 2 different dishes:

1) Cooking Funsies:
– I enjoy cooking and I experiment with new recipes quite often. I am by no mean a chef, but I’ve improved through trials and error, and through reading numerous cooking books. I am still improving and I wanna share my experience with you all out there. My favorite thing to cook is curry, but I have tried making spring rolls, croquette, taro cake….and many others.

2) Life Experiences and Words for my LGBT Fellows
– I have been through a lot of issues since I am in college, and I am thankful to have many great friends/mentors who were there to help me. Life is not easy and I hope to share my experiences and perhaps to brighten up one’s soul. I will also try to include accurate, unbiased health information for everyone who might be interested !

And that’s about it for now. Looking forward to write my first blog for you all.

Until next time,



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