Homemade “Thin Mints”

Thin Mints are one of my favorites Girl Scout Cookies! In fact, I think they are the best selling cookies at their annual cookie sale!   Its combination of mint, chocolates, and crispiness works wonderfully together and I can’t resist but buy so many of them at their annual cookie sale ! But I wanted to make my own ! It is surprisingly not hard, and it tastes better than the “real” thing !! My family loved them and I can’t wait to make them again in the fall at college and share it with all my friends! Anyways, they really do taste like the real girl scout cookies and are definitely worth a try.

“These girls need to leave me alone !!”
Photo Credit: Anthony Ponce

I was inspired to make this because my friend, who loves girl scout cookies, posted the above photo on facebook and I thought it was super hilarious. So I got my recipe from the Baking Bites. Baking Bites has developed a good reputation for making homemade Girl Scout cookies. Check out their site if you are interested in making other girl scout cookies ! So here is the recipe !

Homemade Thin Mints

The Cookie:
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup cornstarch
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup (or 1 stick) butter, room temperature
1/3 cup milk (any kind will do)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 teaspoon peppermint extract

Dark Chocolate Coating:
10-oz dark or semisweet chocolate(that was definitely not enough for me. I wish I bought more!)
1/2 cup butter, room temperature

Quick Directions:

Yield: 3.5~4 Dozen cookies

Baking the Thin Mints:
1)In a small bowl, whisk together flour, cornstarch, cocoa powder and salt.

2)In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar. With the mixer on low speed, add in the milk and the extracts. Mixture will look curdled. Gradually, add in the flour mixture until fully incorporated.

3)Shape dough into two logs, about 1 1/2 inches (or about 4 cm) in diameter, wrap in plastic wrap and freeze for at least 1-2 hours, until dough is very firm.
Preheat oven to 375F.

4)Slice dough into rounds not more than 1/4 inch thick – if they are too thick, they will not be as crisp – and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Cookies will not spread very much, so you can put them quite close together.

5)Bake for 13-15 minutes, until cookies are firm at the edges. Cool cookies completely on a wire rack before dipping in chocolate.

1)In a microwave safe bowl, combine chocolate and butter. Melt on high power in the microwave, stirring every 45-60 seconds, until chocolate is smooth. *Chocolate should have a consistency somewhere between chocolate syrup and fudge for a thin coating.

2)Dip each cookie in melted chocolate, turn with a fork to coat, then transfer to a piece of parchment paper or wax paper to set up for at least 30 minutes, or until chocolate is cool and firm.
*Reheat chocolate as needed to keep it smooth and easy to dip into.

Step by Step Directions:
Meet your Ingredients !

Use a mixing bowl, combine your flour, cocoa powder, corn starch and salt. Set aside for use later.

Use a large bowl, cream together your butter and sugar.

Add in your vanilla extract, peppermint extract and milk ! (The mixture may look curdled! Do not worry about that !)
Afterward, mix in your flour mixture until all is combined well.

Now you have your dough ! Roll them into 2 logs with a diameter of about 4cm or 1.5 inches. This will make your Thin Mints look more authentic ! 🙂

Wrap them up in plastic wrap tightly and put them in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until very firm ! (I put mine in the freezer for about 70 minutes and it was quite firm in my opinion)

When ready, slice your dough !! No more than 1/4 inch thick, but not too thin. (Some of mine was too thin and it got really hard after baking.) Afterward, place them on your baking pan. I used parchment paper, but if you are baking directly on top of the baking pan or aluminum foil, I suggest a light layer of Pam !!

When your cookies are baked and cooled, start dipping them in your melted chocolate(recipe above)! I used chopsticks to help me with this, but I’m sure other tools would work just as well. I placed them on the parchment paper and left them to dry.

Almost done ! After they were finished drying, I put them in the freezer for about 45 mins to firm them up and then store in the fridge. (It’s very hot where I live). But if you live in a cool place, I am sure it is fine to store it outside.

Look at those Thin Mints !! 🙂 Try them at home when the girl scouts are not having their annual sale !


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